The seventh Annual Cyber Security Summit, set to take place from 23 to 25 September, will heavily feature figureheads from the world of cyber security whose accomplishments and experience will enrich the value of the Summit. 

Among these persons is Prof. Sam Bowne, who has made a name for himself at DEF CON Hacking Conferences since 2007 at its 15th Installation, by conducting presentations, seminars and trainings. His body of work encompasses several other conferences such as DEF CON China, HOPE, BSidesSF, BSidesLV, RSA, LayerOne and Toorcon. He holds a PhD in Physics and has been teaching computer networking and security at City College San Francisco since 2000. 

He has many credentials to his name, and among these is a DEF CON Black Badge and Splunk Core Certification. A Certified Ethical Hacker, Prof. Bowne’s continued presence at DEF CON since 2007 has led to important discussions and trainings being conducted, which include ethical hacking at DEF CON 17, security of Android apps at DEF CON 23, evil DoS attacks and strong defences at DEF CON 21 and data evaporation on SSDs at DEF CON 21. 

His talks at HOPE about vulnerability disclosure and Whitehat tricks are also noteworthy additions to his portfolio. His experience is unmatched and his profession as a university lecturer puts his presentation skills at a higher level than most. 

He is known for his exceptional work in the nexus of cybersecurity – his independent endeavour to identify vulnerabilities in apps, websites and inform developers of such, has led to his discoveries of vulnerabilities in software belonging to companies such as the Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab. 

He was also responsible for identifying shortcomings in Straxis apps, which are used by the US Air Force Academy, West Point, the US Naval Academy and other major universities in America. He discovered SQL vulnerabilities inside the Chinese Government as well. 

He has done an immense service to companies by informing websites’ vulnerabilities to their developer and has potentially saved thousands of businesses and websites online from technical disarray. His work is exemplary of the spirit of combat and precaution that companies must have to tackle cyber threats.

Professor Bowne’s strengths also lie in mentorship – his students have been employed by large companies and organisations such as Google, Cloudfare and NASA – and that is the strength that will make him an asset to the CSS 2019. 

He has already expressed his enthusiasm to visit Sri Lanka and provide insight and educate those attending the Summit, about the state of cyber security in the country. His plans for the Summit revolve around drawing examples of website and app threats from existing companies, demonstrating how security of these apps was breached and share his opinion on how companies can protect themselves from hackers. 

Teaching modern ways to protect networks and strengthen security to withstand cyber threats is his forte; his incomparable knowledge will greatly benefit those who attend the CSS 2019 and is guaranteed to enhance understanding and knowledge of cyber security and its related facets. 

The 2019 full day Cyber Security Summit will be held on 24 September at the Cinnamon Grand and the CEO Forum on 25 September from 6.30 p.m. onwards at the same venue. For registrations contact 11 2556 402 or +94 76 8253 412 or visit

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