Jake Davis / Founder member of Luzsec and Anonymous, UK

With Jake’s involvement in a high profile hacking groups; “Annonymous” and “LulzSec” under the alias of “Topiary”, the course of his teenage years, was set on a drastically different direction. After publicly exploiting a large number of corporations and governmental organisations such as Westboro Baptist Church, The Sun newspaper, and government websites in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Ireland and Zimbabwe, for various political reasons, Jake was arrested in the age of 18.

Following his sentence, Jake’s work now breathes inspiration to many. He currently serves as a consultant, a writer as well as a frequent advisor on TV, film, and radio.

Apropos, receiving Hall of Fame credits (Bug Bounties) for disclosing vulnerabilities to Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more, clearly distinguishes Jake from the “many”.

He has been featured as a cyber-security expert in many news outlets and programmes, including The Guardian, BBC News night, Vice, Wired, Sky News, Esquire Magazine, and Fantastic Man magazine.

His currently heads the Hacking at SPYSCAPE; an entertainment/educational brand focusing on the spying and hacking worlds.

It is truly remarkable how Jake’s dedication to bring the psychologies and nuances behind hacking and the wider internet community to a mainstream audience in an exclusive “Jake style” has succeeded in raising wider awareness and knowledge around important cyber issues.

Jake also has a keen interest in blending hacking and art, hence has worked with various theatre
companies and venues, including The Royal Court and The Battersea Arts Centre.