Darren Martin / Founder member of Luzsec and Anonymous, UK

For the past 6 years, Darren has worked as a security researcher and penetration tester for a number of organisations, working both to secure both private and public sector clients infrastructure, and also to discover previously unknown vulnerabilities in products, software and infrastructure.

Darren has spoken and presented research at a number of security conferences, including BSides London, BSides Hannover, BerlinSides and SteelCon, along with speaking at events such as The Future of Cyber Security, anĀ Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association meeting as a plenary speaker, the Dublin Web Summit, and many others, on topics ranging from memory forensics and embedded device vulnerabilities to securing critical national infrastructure.

Darren was previously involved with the hacker groups “LulzSec” and “Anonymous”, and brings those experiences to the table when helping clients understand risk and how best to protect their online presence and business critical assets.