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Welcome to the website of Sri Lanka’s premier annual cyber security awareness initiative – Cyber Security Summit.

As we celebrate our fifth year, the 2017 edition will highlight two founder members of world’s toughest hacking groups – LulzSec and Anonymous, namely Darren Martyn and Jake Davis. They had been convicted and are now hired by top corporates to engage in ethical hacking. This year’s Summit will be held on 27th and 28th September 2017 at Cinnamon Grand.

The Cyber Security Summit consists of four key annual events:

Cyber Security Day Conference – (Premier event open for public*) on September 27 from 9.00 am to 5.00pm
Hangout with Hackers (Night Hack) – evening edutainment meetup – (Premier event open for public*) on September 27 from 6.30pm onwards
CEO Forum on Cyber Security – an exclusive invitation only event on September 28.
National Youth Summit on Cyber Security (Youth Summit) – an invitation only day conference. The 2017 edition was held on June 28 with the participation of nearly 300 students and teachers.

Main objective of the summit is to create awareness on the importance of Cyber Security among top officers in the top corporate management and IT professionals. It also infuses them with the best practices in acquiring, implementing, managing and measuring information security postures of their organizations and countermeasures

The summit will also expose latest flaws in information security that affects the global community including the corporations and the governments. Discussions and presentations will revolve around some of the most malicious attacks and potential threats surrounding the security field.

The summit is co-organised by CICRA – Sri Lanka’s pioneering cyber security training and consultancy organization – and Daily FT, country’s only business and finance newspaper.

* Prior registration and purchase of entrance ticket for training are required

Day Conference

The conference is a full day event which has four sessions, with each session having a keynote and a guest speaker followed by a panel discussion. There will be a number of international speakers specially flown down for the conference; They will be matched by many local experts as well. All sessions will focus on vendor neutral awareness raising.

Hangout with Hackers (Night Hack)

Evening edutainment meetup where ethical hackers will do demonstrations and engage with the audience to showcase the latest skills. The audience will receive a better understanding on the need for proactive strategies for corporate IT infrastructure through these demonstrations. The demonstrations will also emphasise the need to recognise ethical hackers as a profession and the importance of hiring them for proactive exercises to ensure enterprise IT security.

CEO Forum

Taking the discussion on cyber security to the top corporate boardroom, CEOs’ Forum facilitates proactive engagement of the CEOs to protect the corporate IT infrastructure of their respective organisations. This is crucial as certain significant decisions on corporate IT security could otherwise be delayed until a major incident could even shut down the entire business.

Meet Our Speakers

Growing bigger and better every year, the 2017 summit will have a number of international speakers specially flown down for the conference. They will be matched by many local experts as well.

Founder member of Luzsec and Anonymous, UK
    Founder member of Luzsec and Anonymous, UK
      Managing Director, APJ & GC, Global Security Sales Organizations, Cisco
        Director, Security Business, Cisco India and SAARC
          Senior Director ICS, Bayshore Networks Inc, USA
            Chief Risk Officer, Visa
              Executive Vice President, Global Services
                MD/CEO, Bharthi Airtel Lanka



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