Cyber Security Summit 2015

Cyberattacks and cybercrimes hit at businesses across the world and no one sees an end to it. Therefore, cyber security becomes a day-to-day topic in the present context of countries, public institutions, business community, charity works and even in the black market.

It is obvious that there is no one-time solution to this horrendous threat. Being alive, attentive and reactive are a must. The only way forward is that not only IT professionals but also the managements and non-IT staff are well aware of present challenges, possible solutions and more importantly best practices against possible attacks.

In 2013 CICRA and Daily FT launched Cyber Security Summit to increase public awareness thus helping to strengthen the IT security domain in Sri Lanka and the region.

With tremendous success in 2013 and 2014, we are now ready to extend the discussion to a new height at the Cyber Security Summit 2015.

Similar to the past two years, the 2015 edition will have three events, the Leadership Forum for CEOs and CIOs of the Corporates (on invitation only), Day Conference and the Night Hack – an informative evening with live demonstrations.

The Day Conference and the Night Hack will be held on 29th September 2015 at Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo.


Cabinet Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure
Sameer Sharma
ITU Regional Office Asia-Pacific, Senior Advisor
Pierre Noel
Chief Security Officer and Adviser for Microsoft in Asia
Srikanta Prasad
Cisco Security, India ,Principal Consultant
Krishna Rajagopal
Akati Consulting, Malaysia ,CEO
Muhunthan Canagey
Managing Director/CEO, ICTA
Jayantha Fernando
Program Director and Legal Adviser, ICTA
Vivek Srivastava
Commercial India & SAARC CISCO, Security Lead
Brian Kealey
Country Manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives, Microsoft Inc.